Flyer & Juggler

What we are ideally looking for:

Essential Skills

  • Confident acrobatics flyer

  • Confident juggler (mainly passing)

  • Strong character work

Desirable Skills

  • Ability to hold stage for a 2 minute solo

  • Basic acrobatic basing

  • Have a strong grounding in working theatrically with an ability to improvise and devise.

  • Be comfortable with character work

  • Be excited about working as part of a big team



All applicants for this role must be available for

  • Rehearsals in Bristol: 6th - 10th June 2022

  • 11th - 12th June

  • 23rd - 26th June

  • 1st - 2nd July (not confirmed)


How to Apply


Please fill out this short google form:

It will ask you for some basic info and

  • CV or a short bio (200 words max) 

  • Show reel or video showing you as a performer 

Closing date for all applications is 2 April 2022

*but we may decide on this role earlier as it was released before other roles and has confirmed dates needed.